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Experience counts, 30+ years of petroleum marketing gives us the insight and ability to respond quickly to your need for on time delivery in an environmentally friendly manner at a competitive price, and we can do it 24/7/365.

 Flexible pricing, you choose the best pricing option. Whether itís a delivery by delivery, customer offer, firm contract, retail match or floating price agreements such as an OPIS or Platts rack price formulas we can help you control high fuel costs.

 Quality products, are essential for proper performance of todays high tech equipment. We are committed to product integrity for all of our gasoline grades, diesel fuels, and lubricants. We also offer bio and ethanol blends to your specifications.

 Inventory management, can mean everything in controlling fuel cost. Substantial profit can be lost to improperly managed inventory and badly timed deliveries. Our fleet of trucks allow us to make timely deliveries in quantities that make sense for you.

 Market awareness, helps you make informed decisions about fuel purchase timing. In todays dynamic market environment, buying at the right time can be critical. We can help you take delivery of fuel purchases when it makes the most market sense. 





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